We believe that there are many things that we can help each other with.

We have lofty ambitions, and want the North East to be seen as the economic powerhouse we all know it can be.

Newcastle is a wonderful place to work (and play), and in our own small way, we hope to make it even better.

When people share ideas, great things happen.

The Newcastle Young Professionals Forum exists to help foster these ideas, encourage networking and help build the relationships which will help drive businesses forward.


Networking can be awfully-tedious. Let’s face it, no one likes wearing those sad looking name badges.

Does anyone really enjoy coerced fun or ice-breakers? We would say not.

We encourage our members to be themselves. Leave your jargon, buzz words and corporate waffle at the door.


We would be delighted to welcome any new members who would like to be a part of our community. Feel free to peruse our website, and if your interest is piqued, then we would be delighted if you would sign up using the box on the right so that we can keep you informed of what is happening.


We believe the children are indeed our future. It was not that long ago that we were entering the world of employment and we remember that it wasn’t an easy transition to make.

As such we are keen to develop relationships with colleges and universities to help them prepare the next generation of young professionals. Our board members are active in lecturing and running workshops so that young people are better equipped to start their careers in the best. possible way.


Some of the best ideas come when you happen to be away from the office. Occasionally inspiration can strike when you are in the shower, or enjoying a stroll in the park. In our experience, we find that our minds are at their most productive when we are enjoying a tipple and engaged in discourse with our chums from the Forum.

And if we’re honest we’re always on the look out for an excuse to get away from the grind and partake in a few high jinks over one or two beverages and the odd canapé.

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